How do I join?2020-07-10T07:37:38-07:00
What benefits do we receive as a chapter of the AAFD?2020-07-10T07:36:12-07:00

There are many benefits you receive as a Chapter of the AAFD:

  • Tax exempt vehicle so you don’t have to incorporate and spend monies on filing tax returns
  • With over 75 collective years of experience, the AAFD provides strategic planning and direction to develop association mission & goals, as well as helps to get us organized and set up for success
  • All of our financial matters are managed by the AAFD such as: Membership dues, trusts, chapter dues, etc.
  • The AAFD provides all of the necessary tools necessary to run a successful association so we don’t have to purchase them or re-invent the wheel.
  • Access to Suppliers that offer special member pricing
  • Access to the AAFD LegaLine on both an individual basis as well as for the greater good of the Association.
  • Dedicated administrative resource as well as support for recruitment efforts
What is the AAFD and what is the affiliation with the AFFA?2020-07-10T07:33:27-07:00

The AAFD is a national non-profit trade association representing the rights and interests of franchisees and independent dealers throughout the United States. The AAFD is organized by the formation of exclusive Trademark Chapters representing all of the franchised systems for which we have a significant number of members. The Association’s Trademark Chapters provide a crucial service of helping franchise systems throughout the United States develop consensus decisions within their franchise systems and to promote more equitable franchise relationships which exhibit the AAFD’s goal of Total Quality Franchising!

The AFFA is an Independent Chapter of the AAFD. The formation of the AFFA came from a need to improve and protect franchisees rights and unify their voices as the fitness industry undergoes radical change. Our intent is to work alongside our corporate partners to forge a strong working relationship where both parties can prosper.

How will I be kept informed about what is going on within the Association?2020-07-10T07:28:16-07:00

As a member of the AFFA, all members are invited and encouraged to be part of the Steering Committee and participate in regularly scheduled meetings. We also encourage members to Chair and/or participate in any of the committees that have been established to focus on the specific issues the Association would like to address with Corporate.

As a member, you have access to the AFFA Member-Only facebook group where we will post member-only information such as upcoming meetings, documents, and discussions directly related to our collective interests. We also have the AFFA Blog page and well as communications sent out through the CRM that is managed by the AAFD.

What are the benefits to joining the association?2020-07-10T07:39:26-07:00

As a member of the AFFA, you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Member Healthcare Benefits
  • Ability to participate in a Legal Fund Trust
  • Member-only workshops
  • Access to AAFDs LegaLine
  • Opportunity to participate on committees
  • National lobbying on behalf of franchisees
  • Access to recorded Board Meetings and Monthly Best Practices Meetings
  • Confidential platform to speak with other Anytime Fitness® franchisees
  • Free annual consultation with experienced franchise lawyers from the AAFD
What is the association’s focus?2020-07-10T07:25:30-07:00

The AFFA is focused on several key initiatives:
• Negotiate candidly and fairly with our franchisor to achieve fair and equitable resolutions.
• Defend the membership from challenges to our businesses.
• Provide a positive ongoing forum for the exchange of ideas, best practices and advice.
• Use the purchasing power of our members and the AAFD to offer reduced cost high quality products and services

What is the purpose of a legal trust Fund?2020-07-10T07:25:38-07:00

The Anytime Fitness® chapter has formed the AFFA Franchisees Legal Fund Trust. We are dedicated to achieving collaborative solutions to our concerns, but our investment fund will demonstrate our resolve and assure our ability to stand up for our collective interests. Together we can secure valuable representation and negotiating leverage at a minimal individual cost – but we depend on all AFFA members stepping forward to fund our Trust and underwrite our success

Are you looking to take legal action against corporate and other vendors?2020-07-10T07:25:45-07:00

While we reserve the right to take legal action that may be in the best interests of the members of this association, we view legal action as a last case scenario, and do not expect it will be needed. We feel that all parties involved with the AF system are reasonable and working together is the best outcome to benefit everyone.

Do you expect to hire legal counsel?2020-07-10T07:16:12-07:00

Yes. As an independent association, it is in our best collective interest to secure legal counsel to advise on issues that pertain to the operation of our business such as federal franchise law, franchise disclosure documents, SBA rules & regulations, and employment law.

Do you intend to be confrontational with Corporate?2020-07-10T07:14:36-07:00

No. Our purpose is to join common cause to more effectively negotiate with corporate, to build our collective buying power with suppliers, and to more effectively address our markets—and we will respect Anytime Fitness® corporate interests, and invite corporate to deal with us with respect.

How much does it cost for multiple club owners?2020-04-22T13:55:24-07:00

Your AAFD National dues of $310 cover your first club and each additional club is charged at $55 per location and is capped at 8 locations.  For example, the monthly dues for an owner with 4 clubs is $40.58. 

Do we have to pay our dues upfront?2020-04-22T13:54:57-07:00

No.  The AAFD offers a monthly payment plan plus a one-time initiation fee of $70.00. 

Is the AFFA the same as the FAC?2020-04-22T13:54:27-07:00

No. The FAC is created and owned by the Franchisor and typically the franchisor sets the agenda and very seldom are franchisee’s sought for advice.  Also, FACs generally lack any resources to advance an agenda and FACs meet on the Franchisors schedule.   

Are you truly independent of Anytime Fitness® Corporate / SEBrands2020-04-22T13:53:55-07:00

Yes.  The AFFA (Anytime Fitness® Franchisee Association) is an independent Chapter of the AAFD.   We have no affiliation with Anytime Fitness® Corporate and receive no funding and/or direction as to the actions of the AFFA. 

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